USS Turner Joy Amateur Radio Club

"Clean up the Shack" Work Day, February 5, 2011

There were 5 members and one applicant on the ship, Ralph Duncan, Ron Snow, Steve Boerner, Robby Robinson, Dan Kono and myself.

Dan relocated transmitters, amplifiers and receivers back to the radio room. He also assisted Ron.

Ron completely rewired the electric panel in our shack, the ECM room. He wired 5 outlets that are wye connected 120v with ground and neutral. He installed a neutral bus in the panel as well. Ralph is responsible for two new operating positions at a new maple veneered table. Ralph also brought the Yaseu FT-101 on long term loan.

Robby worked on a 20 meter vertical antenna. He made a few contacts.

Steve and myself looked for a good location to mount a transformer bank in the aft of the ship.

Photo's to the left:

Left Column, top to bottom

-Robby Robinson and our new 20m vertical antenna

-Ron Snow, above
  Ralph Duncan, below
  New operating position

-Robby's 20m antenna

-Yacht basin, Ferry terminal and Hampton Inn

-TS-520se donated by Jeff Meyers

Right Column, top to bottom

-New electric wye connected panel for our ham radios

-Two of the new outlets

-Our 40m antenna

-Our 80m antenna

-Left to Right
  Bob Meyers, Ralph Duncan, Ron Snow, Steve Boerner, Dan Kono
  Photo taken by Robby Robinson

USS Turner Joy Museum


  • » 80 Meters: 3.960 MHz
  • » 40 Meters: 7.260 MHz
  • » 20 Meters: 14.260 MHz
  • » 15 Meters: 21.360 MHz
  • » 10 Meters: 28.360 MHz



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