USS Turner Joy Amateur Radio Club

"Pre-Op" event, May 7-8, 2011


From the President:

"I am pleased to announce our 'Pre-Op' event on May 7,8. During this time we will make all preparations for the Museum Ship Weekend event on June 3-5. We need to wire in the aft transformer bank, select a good location for operation on the mess deck, mount a 20m-10m yagi above the signal shack forward of the director. We can test the antenna but must remove it until the June event.

"We should be able to accommodate 5 or 6 operating positions. We Will be in great need of a Band/Time Coordinator. I had tried to add the USS South Carolina and USS Parche to our event. The USS New Jersey requires us to be at the physical location to represent those ships. With many of our members operating this year we should have no problem securing the certificate offered by the event sponsor. We will need to make contact with 15 other ships registered for the event.

"Plan to arrive on the morning of May 7th, stay aboard the ship that night and finish our work on the 8th."

Details for the Museum Ship Weekend are Posted Here.

USS Turner Joy Museum


  • » 80 Meters: 3.960 MHz
  • » 40 Meters: 7.260 MHz
  • » 20 Meters: 14.260 MHz
  • » 15 Meters: 21.360 MHz
  • » 10 Meters: 28.360 MHz



Bremerton, WA, USA