USS Turner Joy Amateur Radio Club

"Pre-Op" event, May 4-5, 2012


From the President:

"We plan to meet aboard the TJ this Friday and Saturday to prepare for our June event. Some of the work involves making the various operating locations ready, running three phase power to the mess deck and general ship projects. I plan to arrive mid morning on the 4th. Plan to come and help, visit, operate or just eat donuts. Spend one or both days."

USS Turner Joy Museum


  • » 80 Meters: 3.960 MHz
  • » 40 Meters: 7.260 MHz
  • » 20 Meters: 14.260 MHz
  • » 15 Meters: 21.360 MHz
  • » 10 Meters: 28.360 MHz



Bremerton, WA, USA