USS Turner Joy Amateur Radio Club

Museum Ship Weekend, June 2 - June 4, 2017


It is that time of year once again, when the Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station puts on the annual Museum Ships Weekend.  USS Turner Joy will make the usual appearance on the air.  We'll have several stations ready to operate on all bands, some operating original antennas.  Check the link above for the New Jersey's event information and join us.  If you can't, then make sure you at least get on at home and make contact.

We are all looking forward to another round.


USS Turner Joy Museum


  • » 80 Meters: 3.960 MHz
  • » 40 Meters: 7.260 MHz
  • » 20 Meters: 14.260 MHz
  • » 15 Meters: 21.360 MHz
  • » 10 Meters: 28.360 MHz



Bremerton, WA, USA